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About the Author

Samantha Whitton, an emerging indie author based in Galveston, Texas known to most as Sammy Jo, draws inspiration from her lively parenting experiences with two young children. Passionate about early childhood development, Samantha started releasing her book collection in 2024. From encouraging a baby's first words to following Benny, a young protagonist learning life skills through play, Samantha's stories blend imagination with essential lessons. Join her in exploring the magic of storytelling, where laughter, joy, and growth come together in the hearts and minds of young readers.

As a new mom herself, Samantha is passionate about supporting other moms with words of encouragement through her New Mom Affirmation Journal. This journal is the perfect addition to any baby shower gift. Empower the new mom in your life to focus on herself and the healing she needs after the birth of her baby. 



In English, Spanish and as a Coloring Book! (1).png

Samantha Whitton has a passion for early childhood development and has created a bilingual set of simple picture books for babies who are starting to find their voice. Samantha has written and illustrated these books herself.

The Adventures of Benny - New Release!.png

The Adventures of Benny is a short children's book series aimed to teach core skills to little ones who are just finding their place in the world. For this series Samantha is working with a talented illustrator to share the colorful world of growing and learning. 

New Mom Affirmation Journal - for website Main page.png

Meet the New Mom Affirmation Journal by Samantha Whitton. In the whirlwind of motherhood, moms often feel overlooked. This journal is an exclusive space for new moms, providing moments of reflection, affirmation, and self-care. Join us in empowering moms, one page at a time.

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